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the most adorable half vietnamese half japanese baby boy ever!!!! cam was born back in dec 2016 and these were taken only a week after he got home from the hospital. he was still learning how to latch and now, almost 3 months old, he’s a professional milk monster.


Clarissa and I go way way back. I’ve known her┬ásince elementary school but I was the shy one and she was the popular one. It wasn’t until 8th grade on when we became super close. I won’t dwell too much on the details because it will probably land us in jail, but let’s just say our friendship holds a very special place in my heart. I would do anything for her – case in point, freshman year of college I disarmed her room window’s alarm during the day in order for us to “safely” sneak out at night together. True love.

Now that we’re grown and don’t do stupid things, I had the honor to run around the city to take engagement photos for them. Until we got drunk. I’m proud to say I’ve been around G enough that I can now understand his Irish accent. I love them so much and can’t wait to make a fool of myself as their officiant for their upcoming Ireland wedding!!!



no tripod no problem


sherpa vest on sale at old navy for $11….how could i not!?



obviously emma and dozer didn’t find whatever it was funny



her surprise face


all i wanted was a kiss


that didn’t happen:(


emma asked me for a cookie. i said maybe later, after dinner! i have become an expert negotiator.


nothing like a good old sunset silhouette photo of my dearest loves


my dear friend jenny just had her second baby, beautiful luna. she guided me through the journey of motherhood and because of her, stayed sane or..semi-sane:)i still don’t know how she handles being a mom, wife and business owner while remaining so put together. i’m so incredibly happy for the new addition to the pak family! during the shoot, i had to hold back my emo tears when i saw the gentle moments theo shared with his new baby sister. can’t wait to see these two grow up together. love you guys!