The mastermind behind Osteria Mozza and and Pizzeria Mozza is back at it again. But this time, she chose to reform an all American favorite…the burger.

In all honesty, I had no clue who Nancy Silverton was. All you foodies must be scrunching your faces in scorn and disdain. How dare you, Tiff. And you call YOURSELF a “foodie”?? I know, I know. But if you know me, I’m really bad with names. And celebrities.

Anyway, I received a text from my friend Hide one night asking me if I was going to be busy on 11/10. What? To hang out with you? Of course I’m too busy! Then Hide told me that there was going to be food, and it was going to be free, and that his friend Christian recently became the new head chef at this great burger joint that would be opening soon and that he would be cooking. Ohh, well in that case, I’m definitely free to hang out with you.

Located at the Farmers Market at The Grove, Short Order was very easy to find and the parking situation was awesome. I walked up the stairs and met up Hide, who already had a table of friends going.

We were sitting outside around what I think will eventually be a table with a fireplace in the middle of it. We were given menus and I quickly scanned it and already knew what I was going to order.

Can I get a Nancy’s Backyard Burger and an order of Short Order Spuds with truffle salt, please? Oh, and a Coke too. Thank you.

As we sat there, I was starving in anticipation of what was to be served. I had waited all week for this.

Looking around, I realized that this would be a great spot to wind down after a day of shopping at The Grove, or if you just wanted to grab a beer before you hit the movies with some friends. They have a great selection of their own beers as well.

Finally, my burger and spuds arrived. Moment of judgement…

And the verdict? We have a winner.

Nancy’s Backyard Burger was the perfect combination of artisan bacon, avocado, comte, tomato, onion, iceberg lettuce, and finally, spicy mayo. The beef was immensely fresh and juicy and was grilled to the perfect medium rare.

And the Short Order spuds? Freshly smashed fingerling potatoes, fried to perfection, topped with truffle salt, and served with a side of dipping sauce. Sold.

And you can now hop in your car and try this place out. It just opened on 11/19. Lucky you!


Short Order 

:( I’m sorry I haven’t updated in awhile. It’s been so so crazy at work that I’ve neglected you, dear Intrawebs.

Over Halloween weekend, I attended a house party. I felt like I was in college again. Yay frat parties?!?! Good times though, with good people :) :)

Hope everyone had a safe Halloween 2 weeks  ago!!

¡Me llamo T-bone, la araña discoteca!

For those of you that don’t know Spanish, I just asked you where the library was. And then proceeded to tell you that my name is T-Bone, the disco spider.

This past weekend, I took the fam to experience the best homemade bean curd ever to be made, not inside a home. Chinatown restaurant called Jade Wok. It’s a hole in the wall, yes. A hidden gem is the way I like to describe it as. And cheap, too. $4.95 lunch specials. All day. I should’ve had you drooling at “best”.

Right next door to Chinatown is Olvera Street, hence the little Spanish rap intro. I’ve actually never gone, and it was quite a sight to see. Very colorful and full of history. And delicious smelling food that I must go back and try one day.

Heaven awaits…MEXICAN CANDY!!

It was so ridiculously hot this weekend, and we walked around for about 20 minutes hoping we’d find some Mexican popsicles, which proved fruitless (no pun intended, har har. god, what’s wrong with me. long day at work! leave me alone!!). We ended up settling for some Hawaiian snow cones. That cost $5. Which in my book were way too expensive for what it was. But nonetheless, it hit the spot and we were on our way back to our gloriously air-conditioned home.

I know I’ve been super late on this post, but I completely thought I lost the memory card that had all these pictures from her graduation on it. But better late than never, right?!

I can’t believe that she graduated UCLA this year. That is nuts. That only means one thing for me. I’M GETTING SUPER OLD. WAHHHHHHHHH (Snooki style for those of you that either openly watch Jersey Shore or secretly do, you know what I’m talking about…not that I watch it or anything…I just heard…………)

Bio-chem HOLLER. We’ve got a smarty in the hizzouse. I’m super proud of you, Dudu(ask her about it). <33

Over the past weekend, Em and I had the pleasure of shooting the gorgeous couple Michelle & John. We went to the same high school as Michelle. She met John a couple years back, while she was in school. He is a lawyer, and she is currently studying to become a vet. How perfect!

They wanted to shoot at the Griffith Observatory so we headed up to Hollywood on Saturday. Boy, was it hot. We found “prime” parking and only had to hike half a mile up to the observatory. Emily and I have never visited, so it was a lot of fun. I know, I know. We’ve lived in LA our entire lives and have never been up there? Blasphemous, so I hear.

They also brought their ADORABLE dog Shanti. She is so cute! Probably one of the best behaved dogs I have ever seen.

I’m a cheater. I haven’t picked up my camera in weeks. I suck.

Here are some old pictures.

Stay tuned for an engagement shoot!