M&J Engagement Session!

Over the past weekend, Em and I had the pleasure of shooting the gorgeous couple Michelle & John. We went to the same high school as Michelle. She met John a couple years back, while she was in school. He is a lawyer, and she is currently studying to become a vet. How perfect!

They wanted to shoot at the Griffith Observatory so we headed up to Hollywood on Saturday. Boy, was it hot. We found “prime” parking and only had to hike half a mile up to the observatory. Emily and I have never visited, so it was a lot of fun. I know, I know. We’ve lived in LA our entire lives and have never been up there? Blasphemous, so I hear.

They also brought their ADORABLE dog Shanti. She is so cute! Probably one of the best behaved dogs I have ever seen.

2 Responses to “M&J Engagement Session!”
  1. Erich Chen says:

    Hark! I love them! I LOVE THEM! I really like the dog ring shot, legs + shadows, and the one where they’re in the middle of two domes. WOW, they’re really really good, especially since its one of your first few engagement shoots (right)? In any case, they’re very well done. Kudos!

  2. diana park says:

    HI tiff!! Its Diana :) Long time no see! I just wanted to say that my bf is stalking you haha he thinks your a great photographer (He just got his first dslr and is starting to take random pictures). And im super impressed too!! Your pix look great. Just thought you should know :)

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