took a short trip to chicago! endured 15 degree weather and my face almost fell off but it was worth it!!!! never taking cali weather for granted ever again…thx for a good time windy city!!

view from our hotel…. on day 3 there was a butt naked man that stared at us for 30 minutes =X

first stop was, of course, deep dish pizza. this one was at lou malnati’s

the other spot we went to, giordano’s, was way better…

first sight of snow at grant park. i was so excited!!!!!!

wolverine tang

thin layer of ice blanketing the monroe harbor

ze bean!!! such a cool sculpture

tim somehow got reservations at alinea which seriously blew my mind

green apple helium balloon was super fun heeheehee

chef/owner grant achatz came out to make dessert on our table

not satisfied with lou’s, we went to giordano’s and enjoyed it!!! but…thin crust still wins hands down.

being tourists at skydeck on the 103rd floor of the sears willis tower

vertigo??? nahhhh

nike flagship store

we took a random stroll and saw some beautiful architecture. this reminded me of sound of music

33 baby

chilled at the signature room in the john hancock building and witnessed a beautiful sunset

on 3/15 they dyed the chicago river green! a 10-yr old tradition that draws in drunken irish and non-irish crowds all decked out in green celebrating st. patty’s day

green beer! and i think tim was singing bon jovi’s livin’ on a prayer:)

last stop on our last day was the art institute of chicago, a beautiful museum that houses the famous american gothic by grant wood and mao zedong by andy warhol.


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la arboretum

random fact… katy perry filmed her music video, roar, at the la arboretum:)

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best friends

*special thank you to maggie, tucker, casper, mariel, chewie, mish, jax



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Mr. Jax Bailey the Frenchie

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