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my dear friend jenny just had her second baby, beautiful luna. she guided me through the journey of motherhood and because of her, stayed sane or..semi-sane:)i still don’t know how she handles being a mom, wife and business owner while remaining so put together. i’m so incredibly happy for the new addition to the pak family! during the shoot, i had to hold back my emo tears when i saw the gentle moments theo shared with his new baby sister. can’t wait to see these two grow up together. love you guys!


we did a pre-bday photoshoot to celebrate chase’s big O-N-E! dapper in his suspenders and superstars, sporting that adorable grin, fearless animal-lover, king of all wild things, and even totoro with a mohawk…let’s just say chase had a party before his actual party. thank you to his incredibly loving and caring parents! let the wild rumpus start!


i met amy in 2013, when she first moved to la from portland. i interviewed her and we instantly clicked. 3 years later, we both moved on from that company but still remain close. she is one of the most understanding, spiritual, strong and humble people i know. she’s come so incredibly far and is now starting her own business. there’s no better way to kick it off than to grab coffee together and have a casual, fun portraits session in the city where her la journey began, silverlake.