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i met amy in 2013, when she first moved to la from portland. i interviewed her and we instantly clicked. 3 years later, we both moved on from that company but still remain close. she is one of the most understanding, spiritual, strong and humble people i know. she’s come so incredibly far and is now starting her own business. there’s no better way to kick it off than to grab coffee together and have a casual, fun portraits session in the city where her la journey began, silverlake.


i crashed mom and dad’s anniversary celebration in santa monica!!! tons of food, swimming, missing the potty…i definitely had more fun than they did! here’s my take on our mini getaway…


oOoOo..honeydew!! ahh it’s cold!


raise your hands if you like pancaaaakes


yay blueberries…oh no it’s hot! cool it down with me daddy!


dad always let’s me watch tv:P


thanks for trying to teach me how to swim even though you dunked my head in the water!


tomato sauce stains and a mini balcony, just for me! by the way, do you like my little mermaid undies?


why do all these doors look the same!?


grandpa and grandma came to visit me


i made a wish in the fountain…for more cookies


mom, did i give you those eyebags?