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D U M P L I N G S T A T I O N ! ! !

As all you socalians know, food trucks are all the rage right now.  Most of them have a pretty generic menu consisting of Mexican/American food but one stands out from the rest.  DUMPLING STATION combines authentic Chinese recipes with high quality ingredients to give us, and I quote, “the most savory dumplings in the world”.  Yeah, you heard me.  Instead of the overly complicated, fusion food, hipster trucks, Dumpling Station brings a fresh approach to healthy, mouth-watering Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine. FINALLY!!!!!

Dumpling Station debuted on Jan 30th and held a tasting event in South Pasadena for family, friends and fans. Personally, I don’t think it should have been called a “tasting” event since everyone there couldn’t just leave with a taste — it was so deelish they all wanted more.  Helen, creator and owner of Dumpling Station, busted her ass in the kitchen to provide all the attendees with juicy dumplings and little gifts. Congrats, Helen! <3

guests got a magnet calendar gift! sweet!

sweet treat — chocolate wontons


aye papi

dumpling station collabo with papi churro


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